Sunday, September 9, 2012

Discovered a nest with babies 15 skeletons of dinosaurs


Nest of 70 million years, filled with the skeletons of 15 baby dinosaurs has been discovered in Tugrikinshire in Mongolia. Lair has a diameter of 2.3 meters. The dimensions and characteristics of the bones found suggest it was a dinosaur-babies.

Probably fledgling reptiles are left in the nest until a phase of development and are cared for by their parents. So far, science has not had any evidence of patterns of fledglings in dinosaurs, which makes this discovery very significant. Multiple offspring suggests that the mortality rate was a little bit high, say researchers. Work on the findings continues.

The remains of the nest and skeletons are housed in the Palaeontological center of Mongolian Academy of Sciences in the capital of Mongolia - Ulan Botor.

 baby dinosaurs

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